About Masterlift

A Proud History as Toronto’s Leading Forklift Company

Kap Lift Truck was founded in 1971 as strictly a forklift service company, yet in time, the company added sales and rentals, establishing itself as an industry leader and reliable full service forklift dealer.

In 1983, Master Lift Truck became the realized dream of a man with a “van and a pager”. Persistence and an emphasis on customer service contributed to the success of an exceptional reputation that Master Lift Truck achieved.

Kap Lift Truck and Master Lift Truck Service were acquired in early 2000 and merged, creating MasterLift. Today, the tradition continues, with the core values of both companies being the foundation of the MasterLift business philosophy.

A Vision For The Future

Our vision: MasterLift will grow, prosper and lead the market by setting itself apart as the progressive and innovative forklift truck dealership for the 21st century.

Our commitment: MasterLift will continue to explore and implement forward thinking in all aspects of its business mix. By doing so, we will create relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees that provide value and benefits which will exceed all expectations.

If you are in need of a new forklift or you want to have one of your current lift trucks repaired, call Masterlift today for a free quote.