Forklift Repair

Let Us Repair Your Forklift
Your forklift is an investment and as such, you want to take care of it the best that you can. When it comes time for performing maintenance on your lift truck, you need to have competent and trained service technicians.

“Downtime in your business or downtime on a project can hurt your bottom line. Instead of panicking, contact the experts at Masterlift today. We provide quality forklift repair and maintenance services throughout all of Toronto.”

Forklift Repair Services

Let’s face it – anything with tires, an engine, or hydraulics will need to be repaired at some point or another. This means that your forklift is not safe or excluded from this.

At Masterlift, our team of experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable forklift mechanics can repair any make or model of forklift.

When you trust Masterlift to work on your forklift, we will find the problem and fix it quickly for you. We will not overcharge you or replace unnecessary parts.

You can trust our team to narrow down the problem and correct it. If a part does need to be replaced on your forklift, we will let you know and then expedite the replacement and repair. All of our services are covered by the MasterLift our guarantee, so you have the peace of mind you need.

Repair Your Forklift

Service or repair your forklift with MasterLift

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Why Trust Anyone Else?

Why place your trust in anyone else when you can work with the best forklift repair and service dealer in Toronto? We care about your equipment and will minimize your downtime. We understand how pertinent your forklift is to your business. We will even rent you a forklift at a discounted rate if we need to take additional time to fix yours at our site.

Forklift Maintenance Services

Guaranteed Maintenance (also known as Full Maintenance) programs are designed to alleviate the unpredictable nature of sudden repairs. A typical GM program includes all of the manufacturer’s recommended periodic services and repairs for breakdowns of major components.

The main advantage of a GM program is the predictable monthly costs. The customer pays a fixed rate and in some cases is offered a complimentary loaner forklift when a service repair experiences an extended downtime. This allows the customer to easily budget for the costs associated with owning a fleet of forklifts.

We are responsible for maintaining the unit’s records (i.e. dates of service, hourly usage, repairs) We’ll work to reduce costs for the customer by identifying abuse damage or needed rotation of the equipment fleet.

Before a company arranges a GM program, it should consider the service history of the forklift fleet. If the forklift fleet utilization is low and the costs have been reasonable, predictable and almost always in budget, opting for a GM plan may cost too much. GM rates are based on an expected cost per hour over a given time frame. The higher the utilization, the higher the expected costs.

Planned Maintenance Program (PM)

Planned Maintenance Programs are designed to ensure that the basic services (engine oil changing, filter replacement, detailed mechanical inspection, etc.) are completed on a regular basis. However, they do not include major periodic services such as transmission flushes or breakdowns.

A PM program offers flexibility to customers, having no long-term agreements. Billing is only for parts and labor utilized and the service work is recorded by the job. Companies with a lower amount of working hours on their forklift can set the schedule less frequently to keep costs in line.

Unlike a GM program, the customer is involved in managing the repairs and costs of the forklift. The costs are not locked in and can be unpredictable.

Forklift Repair Solutions

Masterlift recognizes that, as a company providing the best possible lift truck service, is the most important “pillar of our success”. But our definition does not stop at quality work and a prompt response; we have to offer added value through programs that assist our customers in every way possible.

At Masterlift, our factory trained service technicians understand that if we don’t provide our customers with excellent service, someone else will try. We consider our service department a sales and service department. Our sales and service team will do everything possible to make sure that our customers stay advised of all of our products and services so our customers may make take full advantage of the Masterlift value added programs.

As well as the GTA, Masterlift has locations to service your forklift truck in London, Cambridge, Concord and Ottawa. When you need us we will be there. From electric, walkie pallet trucks to 33,000 lb yard trucks of any make or model, our Service Technicians can take care of all your service needs.

Call Masterlift today to schedule your forklift repair appointment.