Plant the Seeds of a Good Relationship

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Plant the Seeds of a Good Relationship

Clark forkliftWhat do your relationship and a garden have in common? They both require effort as well as frequent attention and love.  As you tend to your relationship and provide it with the things it needs, you will reap the benefits of your effort. So what is needed to make a relationship blossom?


  1. Honesty – A cornerstone of any relationship, honest communication builds trust in a relationship. Partners who are honest with each other know that they can count on one another. It is at this point that people feel comfortable enough to let their guards down and be vulnerable, allowing their relationship to grow.


  1. Communication – A little communication goes along way. Clear communication prevents misunderstandings and assists partners in being on the same page. While talking to one another is essential, it is also important to remember that communication is often non-verbal. Body language, tone of voice and eye contact are all key components of communication.


  1. Timely and loving feedback – Though it can feel difficult, speak up when something is bothering you. If there is something in the relationship that needs to be addressed, it is important to do so as soon as it’s appropriate. The sooner an issue is brought up, the faster it can be addressed. Giving feedback right away prevents frustration from building.


Teh The Noblelift Economy Pallet Truck at MasterLiftThis can always be done in a gentle and loving way. Speaking to your partner with a gentle tone, especially when talking about a sensitive subject, shows love and respect. It is also likely to promote problem solving. As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!


  1. Kindness – Treating one another with kindness is a surefire way to set the stage for a respectful, loving relationship. Small gestures of kindness show your partner that you are thinking of them and making an effort to treat them well. Being kind is especially important during moments of tension. When in doubt, choose kindness.


  1. Support each other – There may be times where one partner is facing difficulty. It may be at work, with a family member, or even something as simple as having a minor cold. Couples who are supportive of each other during challenging times tend to have deeper relationships. They know that they have someone to turn to in times of trouble. This adds a sense of security, increasing the bond between partners.


  1. Spend some time apart – Before becoming a couple, each partner had unique interests. It is important to give one another the time to pursue those interests. Time may be spent enjoying individual hobbies or visiting with friends or family. Being apart for a while gives you time to miss each other. It also provides something to talk about when you reconnect, which keeps things fresh and interesting.


Taking the time to nurture your relationship provides many benefits. Sometimes the fruits of your labor give immediate results while others take longer to grow and develop. Continuous maintenance often provides the best results for a relationship that is satisfying to each partner. Contact us today!

Gary Wilson
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