The Rewarding and Challenging: So You Think You Want To Be A Forklift Mechanic?

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The Rewarding and Challenging: So You Think You Want To Be A Forklift Mechanic?

All over Canada there are forklifts buzzing around in warehouses, jobsites, and plants 24 hours a day. It used to be, back in the early 20th century, machines like this struck fear into the hearts of the common man. While these machines were misunderstood by much of society, there were men who enjoyed tearing them apart and putting them back together again. The mechanics were the individuals that kept the world moving in this time of machines. In fact they still do, behind every banana you eat in your cereal, every building that is built, and every newspaper you read, there has been a mechanic involved somewhere along the line. If you think about it, that is pretty cool, these talented men and women are out there everyday making sure the world is moving along as it should.

At MasterLift, we employ some of the finest mechanics in the forklift industry, which gives us the edge when it comes to making sure our clients are taken care of. In addition to forklift repair, we offer Toronto’s finest forklift sales, rentals, and parts solutions.

First Step: Apprenticeship

As with anything worth doing, it takes a bit to get up to speed. An apprenticeship is the period of time when you learn as much about becoming a mechanic as you can. Generally, an employer will take on an apprentice at certain times or if a certain individual proves that they really want to learn and make mechanics a career. Most of the time, unless the technician gets really lucky, the apprentice programs go through accredited universities that offer training in mechanics. It is important to distinguish the fact that automotive mechanics and equipment mechanics are not entirely the same thing when it comes to training. They are two different paths within the realm of mechanics and generally they are split, each with their own skill set and training programs. Choose wisely because it is not easy to switch between the two disciplines.    

The life of an apprentice is somewhat less than glamorous. There will be a lot of classroom learning in addition to on the job training. Each school will have their own curriculum to follow, but generally an apprenticeship program lasts for three to five years. During this time you will take many tests, strive to acquire certifications, and learn the basics of heavy equipment mechanics. Upon completion of your apprentice program you should be able to competently work in the field with little supervision. At this journeyman level, the pay is much better and job opportunities are plentiful. That is one of the great things about being a heavy equipment mechanic, you can work anywhere. There are jobs in almost every small town with an implement dealer. Agriculture, mining, and forestry, are all professions that require mechanics and who will pay exceptionally well for a skilled individual.

Is The Mechanics Career Path For You?

You may be wondering if becoming a mechanic is worth it, and we can answer with a definitive “yes.” The career itself is challenging, rewarding, and you are always learning. There are very few days as a heavy equipment mechanic that are the same and each day comes with its own challenges. There are very few physical limitations for equipment mechanics and no matter your body type it is possible to excel at the job. The industry does not care if you are male or female and is generally inclusive to everyone. As with anything, becoming an equipment mechanic is not easy, but we think that you will find all the hard work is worth it, not just monetarily either, it can also be a very fulfilling career path. It is a job that you can take pride in at the end of the day and there is nothing like the feeling when a machine leaves the shop running better than when it came in.    

MasterLift – Looking For Good Mechanics

Every so often at MasterLift we will hire the best forklift mechanics in the business. If you think you have what it takes, head on over to our careers page and submit your qualifications. We look forward to hearing from you!            

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