Crown Equipment Corp. Forklift

Crown Equipment Corp. Forklift Rental In Toronto

Forklift Rental Crown Equipment Corp. is a private company located in New Bremen, Ohio. The business has been in operation since 1960 and has earned a reputation as a top innovator of quality material handling equipment and forklifts. Forbes reports show that the company had accumulated revenues worth $2.5 billion by end of 31 March, 2015. Crown provides a broad selection of pre-owned and rental trucks for both warehouse and distribution centers and indoor and outdoor applications. The company makes more than 85% of the forklift components.



Crown forklifts are designed to provide a high level of service. Whether you are buying or renting, you will get a reliable solution that will improve the performance of your business. The forklifts come with heavy duty designs thus making them suitable for all applications including the very demanding ones. The management constantly monitors the trucks’ performance to ensure they stay at the peak of their performance.

All the trucks are maintained based on the industry’s highest recommended standards. With these measures you can be guaranteed that the forklift from Crown Equipment Corp. are reliable and will boost the productivity of your business.

Crown Equipment Corporation’s product development process is made effective in the following ways to ensure the end products improve productivity, comfort and safety.


Crown’s forklifts are manufactured based on the most advanced ideas in the industry. This ensures that they are safe, productive and last for long. The company does thorough research on human-to-forklift relationship to produce machinery with the highest capabilities and speeds.


Technology has changed the functioning and effectiveness of forklifts over the years. The company takes this into account for all their products’ designs. Their fleet management technologies and designed automation have made very tremendous changes in the material handling industry. The technologies have enabled their clients to have up-to-date and accurate business metrics at their fingertips. Another good example is the QuickPick Remote order picking technology which helps lessen steps order selectors take on and off by 70%.


Crown’s forklifts are designed with easy to use features that minimize hand movements while still providing a high level of performance. The products are very comfortable and productive. The X10 Handle for example allows travelling, complete lifting and horn functions simultaneously with one hand.


Safety is very crucial for lift trucks. Crown’s trucks come with built in safety features to help protect the operators. Some of their safety features include seat restraints, lift limit devices and stand-up rider entry bar. The company also provides a wide range of tire and wheel options to meet the different application needs.

Safety Tips

It is advisable to make reference to the user manual. If the manual is lost or missing, then contact the dealer or you can download an electronic version from the company’s website. Check the warning and caution labels to know important usage and service guidelines. Perform a check using the daily operator checklists before beginning work.

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