Hangcha Group Forklift Rental

Hangcha Group Forklift Rental In Toronto

Forklift Rental Toronto Hangcha Group is a leading forklift truck manufacturer based in China. The company was founded in 1956 and manufactures different types of equipment including 1-8.5t electric counterbalanced forklift truck, 3-6t side loader, 1-46t internal combustion counterbalance forklift, reach stacker and empty container handler. Over the past decades, the company has been a among the top forklift manufacturers. In 2013, they were named among the top 10 companies with the highest sales volume in material handling equipment in the entire world. The company is also among the top 500 large enterprises in China.


Quality Hangcha Group applies foreign advanced technology, innovation and improvement to hasten product development. Their main aim is to provide the best solutions and best quality service for logistics. Quality is achieved through the following:

R&D Ability: Hangcha Group is a high-tech enterprise, with a superlative R&D team. They own four forklift institutes, one national approval lab, one technology institute and four components institutes.

First Class Testing Facilities: Hangcha Group has a national testing centre. They use the centre for tipping machine test stand, forklift machine proving ground and coordinate.

First Class Manufacturing Facility: Their first class manufacturing facility consists of five automatic detection truck lines, five truck production assembly lines, four professional paint coating lines, five automatic detection truck lines, logistics and distribution systems and ERP systems, and advanced machining and welding equipment.

First Class Environmental Quality and Environmental Control: The company adheres to the ISO9000 and ISO14000. Most of their products have very low emissions. All trucks are built using eco friendly materials thereby reducing environmental hazards.

Energy Conversation

Hangcha Group forklifts are built with advanced technology which conserves energy by up to 10%. By using Hangcha Group forklifts, you will be able to cut on costs, reduce expenses and improve the overall productivity of your business.


Comfortable operators perform a better job and have a lower risk of casing accidents. Hangcha Group takes into account the underfoot space, forward and rear visibility, noise and vibration to offer the operator maximum comfort. With less noise and vibration, their forklifts perform better while giving the operator an ample time.

Reliability And Security

The company makes forklifts with a high performance and high structural strength. The trucks are designed to perform heavy duty tasks with no risk of breaking down. With the reliability and strength, you can reduce downtime.

Easy Maintenance

Hangcha Group crafts their designs carefully, thus facilitating easy inspection and servicing. Checks should be performed every time before use and thus, as a regular task, it should be easy for the operator to accomplish. With ease of inspection and servicing, you are able to reduce costs and minimize downtime.

Safety Tips

Operators and management should have a broad knowledge of the performance of Hangcha Group forklifts or other brands they are using. They should be trained on the performance, maintenance and service and modes of operations. Training them is the best way to ensure that the truck is running with the highest efficiency.

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