Komatsu Forklift Rental

Komatsu Forklift Rental In Toronto

Forklift Rental Komatsu Forklift has been in the Australian market since 1964. The company is based in Tokyo and Japan. It had revenues of approximately $15B, for the year ended 31 March, 2016. Forklifts are included in the construction, mining and utility equipment division. This division reported revenues of roughly $13.6B. Forklifts make up 6% of sales which means that the revenue from forklifts was approximately $820 million. The business is a leading supplier of forklifts, side loaders and warehouse equipment.

Komatsu forklifts are designed to meet the diversified needs of clients in the material handling business. The company employs their experience and advanced technology to manufacture both small and large-scale, engine powered, and battery powered lift trucks and gas and electricity lift trucks.


Reliability And Quality

The main driving force for the business is reliability and quality. To enhance the trust of their clients, Komatsu companies ensure that every machine is designed with the highest quality to enhance superior performance. The company started its operation in 1921 and after years of experience in engineering heavy equipment, they started forklift production in 1945. Thus their equipment is built with both expertise and experience.

Komatsu also produces electric forklifts and improves operations in the following ways:

  • Reduction in the total operating costs: A reduction in expenses makes the business more profitable. With an electric forklift from Komatsu you can reduce your daily costs by a big percentage.
  • Komatsu battery electric forklifts create a high productivity: A productive truck with an outstanding performance helps you accomplish a lot of project as you are able to finish tasks fast and effectively. A high productivity will boost profits and save time for your business.
  • The forklifts are designed to promote operator comfort and safety: As an employer, you have to do your very best to ensure that your operators stay safe at all times. Komatsu forklifts come with built in safety features to ensure that the operators stay safe even in the event of an accident. Examples of features in place include programmable controller, sensing system, ergonomic combination lever, travel neutral safety, speed limiter, ramp control, over speed alarm, parking brake with indicator alarm and rear assist grip with horn button. They are also designed for comfort; the operator can operate the forklift without strain. Comfort allows the operators to remain productive, alert and motivated to work.
  • Komatsu forklifts are manufactured taking into account the environmental impact of forklifts.

The company is a member of AITA. AITA is a body that promotes high safety standards, performance and client specifications. The body plays an important role in promoting the highest standards for safe use of equipment. They conduct annual seminars and issue guidance documents. Being a member of AITA gives clients confidence as it is an assurance that forklifts have met the relevant Australian standards and thus can be relied upon for the intended purpose.

Safety Tips

Training operators, supervisors and managers on the best practices can help improve productivity and reduce accidents.

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