UniCarriers Corp. Forklift Rental

UniCarriers Corp. Forklift Rental In Toronto

Forklift Rental UniCarriers Corp. is based in Kanagawa, Japan. At the end of the year 2015, the company had revenues amounting to roughly $1.528 billion. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries acquired the company in 2016 for an estimated $887 million. UniCarriers Corp. is now a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. After the acquisition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries became the world’s third largest lift truck manufacturer.


Low Cost

UniCarriers forklifts are designed to cost less when you buy, service and fuel. Spare parts are very cost effective too. This makes them very budget friendly both to buy and to rent. When you rent you won’t have to use much money in the day to day maintenance.


UniCarriers applies quality materials, innovative designs and precision manufacturing to ensure that their products are reliable. You can be guaranteed of maximum uptime and productivity. The reliability of their products is backed by the best limited warranty, two years/unlimited hours for the class I, IV and V forklifts.

Productivity And Efficiency

UniCarriers forklifts are designed to boost productivity and profitability of your business. They are made with special features that make it easier and faster to enter and exit pallets. The forklifts have controls that are designed for more and faster productive operations. The drive trains require minimal maintenance and they deliver more power thus performing better.

Energy Efficiency

Gas, LP, diesel and electric gases use less fuel. They are also designed in a way that you spend very little time in refueling. Forklifts from UniCarriers will help you save on costs while you maximize on the productivity and performance.

Ease Of Service

UniCarriers forklifts are built for maximum uptime. Their design minimizes the effort, time and expenses required for maintenance and troubleshooting in case of downtime. The service intervals are extended so as to keep the forklift running and productive. When you buy or rent UniCarriers forklifts, you will get key service points that you can quickly refer to when the equipment breaks down. UniCarriers rugged five piece overhead guard is very cost effective and takes 75% less time. The cushion stability control is made using a low-tech solution and never requires maintenance and repairs.


UniCarriers forklifts are designed to maintain their worth even after years of use. Their reliability, productivity and longevity ensure that they deliver a lasting performance and value. UniCarriers products that were manufactured more than three decades ago are still in good use. Thus buying or renting a used forklift will give you a good level of service.

Safety Tips

Invest in comprehensive training programs that equip operators with knowledge and skills to promote safety and productivity in the workplace. Workplace safety can only be achieved when the driver is knowledgeable, skilled and confident in forklift operations.

Ensure that operators have covered life truck operation, OSHA standard 1910.178 regulations, pre-operation inspection, fueling procedures, work area and load handling.

Factory service training is also crucial as it enables problem diagnosis and knowledge on how to repair the problem effectively as soon as it happens.

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